Timothy MooreArtist of International Acclaim
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In the early 90's, Moore began photographing and painting portraits of jazz musicians in Kansas City. In '96 he took his portfolio to Paris and was invited to present a month long exhibit in the premier jazz club of Paris: Club Lionol Hampton.

Painting of Jazz ArtistPainting of Jazz ArtistPainting of Jazz Artist


In June of '97 he became a member of L'Association pour le Renouveau de l'Art: a coalition of international artists headquartered in Verneuil, France.

A year later his paintings were featured in a three month exhibit in the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland.

Jazz Painting Exhibit in the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland

In June of '98, Moore was one of 22 invited artists to exhibit at "Ferme du Paradis" in Meulan, France.

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